Ghana Dams Dialogue

With the primary aim of building capacities and providing tools for improved decision making on dam related issues for equitable, transparent, participatory and sustainable development of dams in Ghana, GTZ has yet again agreed to fund the 3rd Phase of the Ghana Dams Dialogue process from 2009 to 2010.

The phase will be used to bring together representatives of all dam affected communities to share information and increase awareness about resettlement and dam related issues affecting local communities and capacity building; prepare a detailed research paper on the livelihood situation of affected communities, institutional networking meeting to have detail discussion with relevant organizations and an institutional study to provide guidelines and recommendation towards a policy framework.
The National Coordinating Committee (NCC) will be meeting regularly to steer the program by organizing two fora and two annual conferences to bring together representatives of all dam affected communities and other relevant stakeholders and also have targeted meetings addressing sustainable dam development, with key players who have a major stake in dams planning, construction management and operation.

Contributing towards well-informed decision-making and sustainable planning and management of dams in Ghana.

The Dialogue Process is composed of:

  • A sixteen member National Coordinating Committee
  • A sixty member Ghana Dams Forum
  • A secretariat hosted by International Water Management Institute and facilitated by Volta Basin Development Foundation

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